Electronic Principles, 8th Edition [2015]

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Electronic Principles, 8th Edition [2015]

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Title: Electronic Principles
Author: Albert Malvino, David Bates
Format: PDF
Hardcover: 1120 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 8 edition (January 19, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0073373881

This eighth edition of Malvino’s classic Electronic Principles offers students a definitive overview of electronic circuits and devices. Expert knowledge of electronic devices is presented in a stimulating, clearly written, conversational style. The new, streamlined book design is full-color throughout, with ample, clear illustrations. Greater emphasis on modern integrated circuit (IC) technology, and the revision of nearly one third of the previous edition’s chapter problems and review questions refresh this text while retaining its proven approach.
In addition to the text there is a wealth of supplementary material included for both student and instructor. An upgraded Experiments Manual, the optional use of MultiSIM software, an instructor’s manual with an Instructor Productivity Center CD-ROM, and the brand new Online Learning Center website make this text a powerful learning tool.”

Electronic Principles is written for electronics students who have done course work in basic DC/AC circuit analysis, along with algebra and trigonometry prerequisites. The book gives clear, accessible coverage of basic electronics concepts in the first half of the book, then applies these to the important electronic circuits and devices most widely used in today’s industry.

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الإدارة العامة

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